FAQs: Verso Ebooks

In order to read your ebooks, you must have an ebook reader installed.

Our ebooks are available in the two most common ebook formats: epub (for all ebook readers except Kindle) and mobi (for Kindle). Please see the guide below for accessing ebooks on your device. 

About Verso ebooks

You can buy ebooks directly from this website, and whenever possible we will also offer ebooks bundled with any print books that you buy from us.

Ebooks purchased from the Verso website are watermarked and DRM-free. This means they can be downloaded onto any of your devices, but they can’t be uploaded to websites or file-sharing networks (here are our full terms and conditions). 

If you would rather buy Verso ebooks for your device directly from Amazon, Apple, B&N, Google, or Sony, then they'll be delivered to you in the usual way, with Digital Rights Management (DRM) applied.

If you have any problems with ordering print books from Verso, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Verso Ebook Guide

Downloading ebooks from your Verso Library

Once you buy an ebook, it will be available for download in your Verso Library. You can access your Library by logging into your account on the Verso website and going to My Account > Library. You can also access directly with this link: https://www.versobooks.com/users/orders

You can download your ebooks either as epub files (for every reader or device except the Kindle) or as mobi files (for Kindle apps and devices). 

Your ebooks are stored forever in your Verso Library, so you can log in any time to download your ebook files again.

Reading ebooks on Mac computers and iOS devices (iPad and iPhone)

On recent Macs, iPhones, and iPads, the ebook reader Apple Books (formerly iBooks) comes preinstalled.

To read ebooks on your Mac computer, download the epub file from your Verso Library, and right click to select “Open with Books.” The ebook should open automatically in the app. 

Once you’ve downloaded ebooks to your Mac, you can share them with your other devices either by using the “Sync Collections” function in Apple Books, or by emailing the epub file to yourself and opening it from the Mail app on your mobile device. For more information on syncing between Mac devices, please refer to this Apple guide

You can also download an ebook directly onto your iOS device. To do this, log into your Verso account on the device and find the book in your Verso Library.  Click the download link for the epub file and then select “Open in iBooks.” 

Reading ebooks on a Windows PC

For Windows computers, you will need to download a free e-reader app such as Adobe Digital Editions (not to be confused with Adobe Reader, which is not an ebook reader). Once you’ve installed the program and downloaded your epub file, you can right click to open the file with Digital Editions. 

Reading ebooks on Android mobile devices (phones and tablets)

For Android devices, you will first need to install a free eReader app. If you’ve already downloaded an epub file to your computer, you can email the file to yourself and open it from a mail app on your mobile device. 
You can also download your ebooks directly onto your device. To do this, log into your Verso account on the device and find the book in your Verso Library. Click the download link for the epub file and then open it with your e-reader app. 

For more information please refer to guides specific to your device and/or eReader app. 

Reading ebooks with Kobo and Nook

For Nook and Kobo devices, you will need to first download the epub file to your computer by clicking the “download ebook” link in your Verso Library. Connect your device with a USB cable, and drag the file to your device’s books or documents folder. For specific instructions, please refer to your device’s manual or online support guides. 

Reading ebooks on Kindle devices and mobile apps

For Kindle devices and mobile apps, you will first need to download the mobi file to your computer by clicking on the “download for Kindle” link in your Verso library. Once you’ve downloaded the mobi files, there are two simple ways to transfer your ebook from a PC to your Kindle Device: 

With a USB cable: Connect your Kindle device to your computer with the USB cable provided. Your device should appear in the same location on your computer that external USB drives appear. Open the Kindle folder on your computer, and then open the internal content folder (usually called “My Files” or “My Documents”). Once open, you can drag your mobi files into this folder. After you’ve disconnected the device, you should see your ebooks appear in your Kindle library.   

Wireless transfer: You can also use your ‘Send-to-Kindle’ email address (this is a personalised email address ending in kindle.com), to wirelessly deliver your eBook to your Kindle account. This will work for both Kindle devices and mobile apps. 

Reading ebooks with Kindle for PC

To read with a Kindle PC app, you will first need to download the mobi file to your computer by clicking on the “download for Kindle” link in your Verso library. Once the file is downloaded, you can simply right-click the file to open it with the Kindle app. 

Troubleshooting Verso ebooks

When I try to open my ebook, I get an error message that says it’s a “0kb file.”
This is likely a technical issue. Please get in touch with us so that we can reset the file.  

When I try to open my ebook I get a message that says it’s an “unsupported file type.” 
Please make sure that you are using an e-reader application, and that you have downloaded the correct file type. Our ebooks cannot be read with Microsoft Word or Adobe reader (see above). 

When I try to email a book to my Send-to-Kindle address, it doesn’t come through. 
First, you’ll need to make sure that you’re sending the book from an email that’s been registered with your Kindle device. Your email settings can be found on the Manage your Devices page at Manage your Kindle). If it’s still not working, the issue could be that the book file is simply too large to send over email. In this case, you will need to transfer the book using a USB cable (see instructions above). 

Still having problems?

If you're still having trouble, then please write to us at orders@versobooks.com (US and Canada customers) or orders@verso.co.uk (UK, Europe and Rest of World customers) including your order number (7 digits and starts with a V), and we’ll do everything that we can to help.

Please make sure that you include the following information:

1. The device and app you're using.
2. Which steps you have already attempted.
3. At what point does the procedure fail, and what (if any) error messages are you seeing?