Class War Conservatism
And Other Essays
by Ralph Miliband Introduction by Tariq Ali
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368 pages / March 2015 / 9781781687703
March 2015 / 9781781687710
Essential writings from a leading British socialist thinker
When, in 2013, the Daily Mail labeled Ralph Miliband “The Man Who Hated Britain,” a diverse host rallied to his defense. Those who had worked with him – from both left and right – praised his work and character. He was lauded as “one of the best-known academic Marxists of his generation” and a leading figure of the New Left.

Class War Conservatism collects together his most significant political essays and shows the scope and brilliance of his thinking. Ranging from the critical anatomy of capitalism to a clear-eyed analysis of the future of socialism in Britain, this selection shows Miliband as an independent and prescient thinker of great insight. Throughout, his writing is a passionate and forcefully argued demand for social justice and a better future.


“A veritable giant of a man who had an almost unique capacity to understand – and explain – the world in which we live.”

“A Miliband speech was always a treat; alternately sarcastic and scholarly, witty and vicious.”

“A beacon on the international Left. He epitomized what it meant to be a creative and independent socialist intellectual, and he provided consistent leadership in defining the issues for critical engagement.”

“His whole effort is to render the language of socialism in terms of the needs of the here and now.”

“[Miliband’s] perspective—simultaneously hopeful and clear-eyed, fiercely principled but tethered to reality—made the British socialist the most impressive Marxist of his generation.”

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