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The Past Is Erupting From The Surface | Verso Summer Reading


‘Historic’ and ‘unprecedented’ have lost all meaning, and when events are fast-moving it is all too easy for history to be rewritten. Following the BLM resurgence, people everywhere are challenging the distorted view of history we have been fed throughout our lives. The true shape of history is wrought by the struggles of those who participated in it!

These books illuminate histories that are largely unknown to most readers, and that polite society would happily have us forget — including the histories of the internet, police and incarceration, evil twinks, and the cult of Winston Churchill.

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“History is written by the victors” — Winston Churchill*

 “Churchill was a plump carp happy to swim in the foulest of ponds as long as his own career and the needs of the Empire were fulfilled.”— Tariq Ali

*Churchill probably never said that and certainly didn’t come up with it— you get the idea.

Why is the internet so broken, and what could ever possibly fix it?

I could replace ‘history’ with ‘shitstory’. Shitstory is a story that doesn’t make sense, that is nonlinear, tautologous, trivial.

The past is still with us; the revolutions of the queer future beckon.

An extraordinary novel about one of history’s most reviled figures.

Out August 9

As the past lives so near the surface of the present in the South, moments occasionally erupt that demand critical reflection on the region’s actual history, and its relation to social and political life today.

New collection of writings from one of the foremost contemporary critical thinkers on racism, geography and incarceration.

Captives’ is the definitive history of America’s most notorious jail, and the violent rise of New York City’s law-and-order movement.

The long history of protest confirms that dissent always returns despite attempts by the state to suppress it.

‘We as a party could decide the next four years of our history is for us.’— Sir Keir Starmer, 2019

Starmer originally pledged to revitalise Corbynism with a dose of lawyerly competence. To understand what happened afterwards, it is necessary to understand the man himself.

So pervasive are the devices of racecraft in American history, politics, and everyday thinking, that the presence of racecraft itself goes unnoticed.

We need a left analysis of American history and contemporary life that proceeds from a clearheaded sense of actually existing black life.

“The planet placed in the feminine will flourish for all.” Originally published in French in 1974, d’Eaubonne first proposed a politics of ecofeminism.

As the call for a new understanding of our national history grows louder, Britain’s Empire turns the received imperial story on its head.

A personal history of life, love and women’s liberation.

The radical history of space exploration from the Russian Cosmists to Elon Musk.

The occupation of Afghanistan is over, and a balance sheet can be drawn.

A fascinating cultural history of this most magical of islands.

A magisterial, riveting movement history of Los Angeles in the Sixties.

Groundbreaking analysis of the birth of racism in America.

A balance sheet of the twentieth century’s age of revolutions.

A remarkable intellectual history of the slave revolts that made the modern revolutionary era.

An exemplary work of political, economic, and historical analysis.

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