Reading List

COP26: a radical climate reading list


We need a new, radical politics capable of tackling environmental breakdown. Our world leaders are not going to deliver.

Here is how we fight in a world on fire.

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A radical manifesto for how to deal with environmental breakdown.

Why resisting climate change means combatting the fossil fuel industry.

What does the COVID 19 tell us about the climate breakdown, and what should we do about it?

Ending the Fossil Fuel Industry is the only credible path for climate policy.

What does it mean to be a communist after we have hit a climate tipping point?

What does the rise of the far right mean for the battle against climate change?

A Planet to Win explores the political potential and concrete first steps of a Green New Deal. It calls for dismantling the fossil fuel industry, building beautiful landscapes of renewable energy, and guaranteeing climate-friendly work, no-carbon housing, and free public transit.

A post-capitalist manifesto for conservation.

What if the people seized the means of climate production?

Why the wind, and energy it produces, should not be private property.

Further reading:

The Climate Crisis and COVID-19: an activist focused reading list looking at what we need to do to move beyond these interconnected crises. 

Environment and Ecology: Verso student reading (encorporating books looking at the climate crisis and political economy, the global green new deal, and more).

Radical Futures: books to help us re-imagine new futures.