Against Method
by Paul Feyerabend Introduction by Ian Hacking
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336 pages / May 2010 / 9781844674428
July 2020 / 9781789600964

Beyond Popper and Kuhn to an anarchist philosophy of science.

Paul Feyerabend’s globally acclaimed work, which sparked and continues to stimulate fierce debate, examines the deficiencies of many widespread ideas about scientific progress and the nature of knowledge. Feyerabend argues that scientific advances can only be understood in a historical context. He looks at the way the philosophy of science has consistently overemphasized practice over method, and considers the possibility that anarchism could replace rationalism in the theory of knowledge.

This updated edition of the classic text includes a new introduction by Ian Hacking, one of the most important contemporary philosophers of science. Hacking reflects on both Feyerabend’s life and personality as well as the broader significance of the book for current discussions.


“A devastating attack on the claims of philosophy to legislate for scientific practice.”

“A brilliant polemic.”

“Since it was first published in 1975, Against Method has followed Popper’s The Logic of Scientific Discovery and Kuhn’s The Structure of Scientific Revolutions into becoming a classic text in the debate about scientific methodology and scientific reasoning.”

“A powerful critique.”

Against Method is more than a book: it is an event.”

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