Abortion Beyond the Law
Building a Global Feminist Movement for Self-Managed Abortion
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240 pages / November 2023 / 9781804292068
November 2023 / 9781804292075

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While feminists in the Global North have been fighting to keep abortion legal, in countries across the Global South activists are working to  bring self-managed medical  abortion - abortion pills - to women, despite hostile governments,  while also winning battles over legalization.

Drawing on years of research across Latin America, Africa, and the periphery countries of Europe, Abortion Beyond the Law describes the strategies, politics, and  tactics of these direct action feminists who bring abortion pills,  information, and support to people seeking to end unwanted pregnancies.  From the metro stations in Santiago, Chile, a common place to obtain misoprostol, to the legal  strictures of Bolsonaro's Brazil and the NGO-dominated landscape of  Kenya and Nigeria, feminist activists are making safe, accessible  abortion care available, despite the odds.

Even  more, as sociologist Naomi Braine argues, they are building a robust  transnational feminist network. As Braine shows, tactics developed in  the Global South - hotlines,  practices of accompaniment and peer-to-peer care, and scientific  information - are now being shared with activists in Europe and North  America, building a new model for international feminist solidarity.

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