Is Socialism Possible in Britain?
Reflections on the Corbyn Years
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272 pages / September 2022 / 9781839766640
September 2022 / 9781839766664

Selected as one of the 15 best political and current affairs books of 2022 by The Times

The lessons of the Corbyn years for the future of left politics

Is Socialism Possible in Britain? analyses Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader and the prospects for parliamentary socialism in a post-Corbyn Britain. Lively and insightful, it is informed by an insider’s view of the most radical period in Labour’s history.

A veteran of the Stop the War Coalition, Andrew Murray was seconded to Corbyn’s office from the Unite trade union and witnessed an extraordinary daily bombardment from sections of the Parliamentary Labour Party and the media. He candidly assesses the leadership’s response to the antisemitism controversy and the dilemmas of Brexit, as well as Keir Starmer’s restoration of a turgid neo-Blairism.

The problems that beset Corbyn are likely to confront any similar political project. Is Socialism Possible in Britain? explores how they can be more effectively addressed in the future—a future which we must hope is not so far away.


“Engaging and very readable, with profound insights and a coruscating wit.”

“A vital corrective to establishment efforts to erase Corbynism and deny how close it came to power.”

“The most fluent and authoritative account to have emerged from the left...humorous and candid.”

“Insightful, indeed inspiring.”

“The best of the Corbyn camp's books. Murray powerfully points at rotten pillars of the global order that the Labour right sometimes defends.”

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