The Curious Enlightenment of Professor Caritat
A Novel of Ideas
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272 pages / May 2022 / 9781839763977
May 2014 / 9781844678747
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A whirlwind tour through the utopias of modernity

The Curious Enlightenment of Professor Caritat is a brilliant fictional excursion through Western political philosophy from one of our most original thinkers. Professor Caritat, a middle-aged Candide, walks naively from his native land to the neighbouring countries of Utilitaria, Communitaria, and Libertaria on a quest to find the best of all possible worlds. Freed from the confines of his ivory tower, this wandering intellectual is made to confront the perplexed state of modern thinking in a dazzling comedy of ideas.


“Knock-out satirical humour.”

“Written in a beautifully clear style, full of a keen, serious wit … Lukes achieves both lightness and weight in a way many novelists might envy.”

“This book is a box of delights, often wonderfully funny and always deliciously clever, a contemporary political satire to set among the best.”

“Steven Lukes’s moral fable is in the tradition of tall travellers’ tales from Swift and Voltaire to Lewis Carroll and Samuel Butler.”

“Lukes manages to equal the pace and flair of Candide.”

“Utterly magnetic.”

“A delightfully edifying comedy.”

“A counterpart to Jonstein Gaarder’s bestseller, Sophie’s World, for those who might be seeking an introduction to political theory.”

“Charming and refreshing.”

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