Promise of a Dream
Remembering the Sixties
Part of the Feminist Classics series
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A sparkling portrait of a time when women were breaking all the rules about sex, politics and their place in the world

At the beginning of the decade Rowbotham was a rebellious sixteen-year-old at a Methodist boarding school in the north-east of England, reading Sartre and dreaming of Paris. By the end of the sixties she was a seasoned political activist, planning Britain’s first-ever women’s liberation conference, and beginning to find her voice as a writer.

Promise of a Dream is a moving, witty and poignant recollection of a time when young women were breaking all the rules. Sheila Rowbotham was, and remains, one of their most effective and endearing voices.


“An honest account of radical activism, love affairs, studies, travels, teaching, agitation and other stuff of the sixties.”

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