Really Existing Nationalisms
A Post-Communist View from Marx and Engels
Part of the Radical Thinkers series
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288 pages / April 2018 / 9781786634788
April 2018 / 9781786634801

Really Existing Nationalisms challenges the conventional view that Marx and Engels lacked the theoretical resources needed to understand nationalism. It argues that the two thinkers had a sophisticated insight into the subject, and that the reasoning behind their policy towards specific national movements was often subtle and sensitive to the ethical issues at stake.

Erica Benner identifies arguments in Marx and Engels’ writings that can help us to think more clearly about national identity and conflict today.


“In addition to being the single most important contribution to Marx studies in recent years, this is also a clarion call for a realist theory of ‘nationalism as politics.’”

“A brave, avowedly revisionist appraisal of what Marx and Engels themselves had to say in this field.”

“A formidable and academically vigorous book in which, literally, no page of Marx’s and Engel’s voluminous literary legacies remain unturned.”

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