Conspiracy to Murder
The Rwandan Genocide
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380 pages / April 2006 / 9781844675425

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July 2020 / 9781789602142
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360 pages / April 2004 / 9781859845882

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Voted the Best Book on Africa by Foreign Affairs and Outstanding Academic Title in 2004 by Choice.
Conspiracy to Murder is a gripping account of the Rwandan genocide, one of the most appalling events of the twentieth century. Linda Melvern's damning indictment of almost all the key figures and institutions involved amounts to a catalogue of failures that only serves to sharpen the horror of a tragedy that could have been avoided.


“The definitive account of the origins of the [Rwandan] tragedy… Essential. Accessible to all readers.”

“The best overall account of the background to the genocide, and the failure to prevent it.”

“A frank condemnation of the world's broken promise to 'never again' allow genocide to happen.”

“A devastating account of the West's failure to act.”

“An epic and shaming story of culpability and missed opportunities... in the finest traditions of investigative journalism.”

“A meticulous reconstruction of how the genocide happened.”

“Melvern's Book is outstanding... Her research has been exhaustive and the clarity of her chronology is the most dfamning of all indictments against those who looked the other way in the years leading up to 1994.”

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