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Robert Brenner sets Washington’s trillion-dollar COVID-19 bailout for US corporations in the context of America’s deteriorating productive economy and escalating elite predation.

Also in NLR 123

Roberto Schwarz discusses parallels between the rise of bolsonarismo and the Brazilian military takeover of 1964. Sharachchandra Lele's contribution to the eco-strategy debate offers a critical perspective from the Global South. Mao Jian reflects on literary uses of pandemics. Wolfgang Streeck reconstructs Engels’s theory of militarization. Carlo Ginzburg explores the philosophical defences of the Inquisition against the challenges of natural and political science. Monique Sicard mounts an architectural critique of the EU HQ. Francis Mulhern engages with Stefan Collini’s defence of the idea of the university.

Plus book reviews: Lorna Finlayson examines a new account of the gestation of Rawls’s political philosophy, Julian Stallabrass writes on street photography and Adrian Grama reports on the memoirs of Oskar Negt.