Global 68: Solidarity and Alliances — Tariq Ali and Angela Davis in Conversation

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Global '68, a program of conferences organzied by Françoise Vergès, Marcus Rediker, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, and Sylvie Robic, took place in Paris May 2–4 and London May 5–6. Panels examined the political movements and historical developments that made 1968 a key year in countries around the world.

1968 was a year of offensives, uprisings, and demonstrations against capitalism and imperialism, for liberation and emancipation and the war in Vietnam was its epicenter. The events claimed many victories for democracy, equality, and emancipation, but also provoked deep, abiding repression. A counterfeit history has subsequently erased police violence and the deaths of participants, removed workers, women, students, and indigenous peoples from the picture, and eliminated anti-americanism, anti-imperialism, anti-capitalism, as well as the profound influences of the wars and interventions in Algeria, Latin America, and Vietnam. “Global 68” will retrieve the aspirations, energies, memories, and histories of this worldwide movement and offer hope to a new generation of activists.

On May 3 at the University of Nanterre, Tariq Ali joined Angela Davis in a conversation moderated by Vergès and Rediker, on internationalist solidarity and alliances.

Listen below to a full recording of their discussion, courtesy of R22 Tout-Monde