Video: Vivek Chibber — Eurocentrism, the Academy, and Social Emancipation


Earlier this month, Vivek Chibber appeared at the University of Cape Town as part of the Vice-Chancellor's Open Lecture series. His talk addressed "the relations between the critique of Eurocentrism and the aspiration for social emancipation — and the place of the academy."

“While the commitment to wrest free of Eurocentric biases and even to decolonise higher education is entirely laudable, it leaves open the question of what the content of new knowledge ought to be, and also the structure of new institutions,” he told UCT's news site. “In this lecture I suggest that the only way to press forward with these goals, while still upholding democratic principles, is by embedding the critique of Eurocentrism in an egalitarian and humanistic framework."

A full video of his presentation can be streamed, in two parts, below.