Ernest Mandel: A Rebel’s Dream Deferred


WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society has reviewed Jan Willem Stutje's Ernest Mandel: A Rebel's Dream Deferred—the first ever biography of this leading revolutionary thinker of late capitalism. The reviewer notes the book's "powerful ability to move the reader," calling it an "invaluable and stimulating work ... a clear, concise, and riveting account of one of the most dynamic political figures in world history."

Ernest Mandel: A Rebel's Dream Deferred begins with one overriding theme that flows through the entire book like a red thread. That theme is Ernest Mandel's overriding faith in human nature and passionate dedication to their capacity to overcome all forms of oppression. Considered by Stutje as one of the most significant living revolutionary Marxist economist and social scientist of his times, this theme is carried with him throughout his life. It is this complementary sense of contrast between Marxist economics and social science with the noble emotions of faith and determination that gives the book its powerful ability to move the reader


It is perhaps the book's harmonious balance between historical and political preciseness with a meticulously detailed account of Mandel's life that makes this an invaluable and stimulating work. This is a clear, concise, and riveting account of one of the most dynamic political figures in world history. This book should not only be read by a new generation of Marxists, economists, sociologists, and economic historians. It should also be read by a new generation of young people who refuse to give up hope in the future of our species and in the possibility of changing the world we live in.

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