Stanley Donwood

Stanley Donwood is a renowned artist who has collaborated on all Radiohead’s artwork since the release of The Bends in 1995 and won a Grammy Award for Best Artwork for the special edition of Amnesiac. His written works include Slowly Downward: A Collection of Miserable StoriesCatacombs of Terror!: Cheap Thrilling Trash, Household Worms, and Humor, a collection of short stories published by Faber in November 2014. Donwood also collaborated with Robert Macfarlane and Dan Edwards for the bestselling Holloway. His visual works has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, with recent exhibitions including Dream Cargo at Lawrence Alkin Gallery, London, a reinterpretation of 21 book cover artworks for JG Ballard, and The Panic Office, a thousand-piece retrospective at the Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia. Donwood's official website is